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BrewHQ is your one stop shop for everything you need to make beer, wine, spirits, cider and cheese.

We’re quite possibly New Zealand’s leading homebrew supply store. 

We pride ourselves on being able to say “if you need it to make beer, spirits, wine, cider, or cheese, we’ll probably have it”. We carry many of those rare and hard to find items. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll do our darnedest to find it for you. 

Quality products at realistic prices, when you need them.


An Update

It’s been  two years now since we purchased the store from Nick and Emma

We are now well settled in the new store and the web store is working pretty well.

Like every store in NZ it is difficult to guarantee supply for some products and whilst we do our best to let you know when stock will arrive , we are at the whim of the freight company to get stock into NZ.

Jamie is still in the store for much of the week nd has been joined by James and Jack; we still get Nigel occasionally at the weekends and Cindy is still off with a back injury.

Between the team we can cover off skills in grain brewing, kit brewing, wine making, cider making , all things to do with spirits and novice cheese making . Jamie’s mechanical skills also come in handy with lots of ideas  to make things work

If we haven’t got something in stock that you want please let us know. Supply issues continue to be an ongoing challenge but we are doing our best to stock what we can get our hands on.

Nicola Morris


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