Kveik IPA – A White Labs winner

Kveik IPA – 5 Gallon Recipe

Original gravity: 1.069
Final gravity: 1.016
ABV (predicted): 6.96%
Apparent attenuation: 76% 

Fermentation Profile:

78F for ~6 days and crashed to 38F before kegging.


Mash Temperature:



185F for 30 minutes, then chill to pitching temperature


A Bit About WLP518 Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast

WLP518 Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast was sourced from our friend Lars Marius Garshol, and this Kveik strain was isolated from a mixed culture that belonged to Harald Opshaug, a farmhouse brewer in Stranda, Norway. This strain has been used, domesticated, and dried on Kviek rings since the 1990s to produce several kornøl-style beers.

QUICK and CLEAN fermentations
  • WLP518 can tolerate temperatures up to 95°F (35°C) while finishing a clean fermentation within three to four days.
  • Being able to ferment at higher temperatures is perfect for homebrewers with little to no fermentation temperature control!
  • Most yeast strains that can withstand the hotter temperature are POF+(Phenolic Off-Flavor), where they produce clove-like and medicinal aromas. WLP518 is POF- meaning it won’t produce those phenolic compounds, producing hop-forward, clean characteristics making it ideal for IPAs and pale ales

A kviek and excellent partnership, thanks to White Street Brewers Guild for the creative competition and congratulations to Steve Hilla. Showcasing how Kveik yeast are perfect for homebrewers and beer styles alike. Try it yourself and have fun experimenting!


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