Pilgrim Hops

Pilgrim Hops

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Full bodied bitterness

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Pilgrim Hops


Dual Purpose HOP


Though the Pilgrim variety carries the usual English hop aromas of earth and spice, it also has a more fruit-forward character than what you’d expect. Citrus notes in the form of lemon and some grapefruit are certainly noticeable; as well as pear and berries. More subtle notes of honey, cedar, and caramel may also be possible.


Its bittering character is described as round and full. Those not used to high alpha hops might consider Pilgrims’ bittering profile as somewhat harsh, but when compared to other high alpha hops, this description doesn’t hold true.


Pilgrim hops are sometimes classified as a bittering hop only, but this isn’t quite accurate. It’s widely regarded as a pretty good dual-purpose hop, that can be used throughout the boil and into dry-hopping. Some have compared its bittering characteristics to both Columbus and Magnum.


Its dual-purpose status makes it a particularly good English hop for single-hopped beers. It’s full bodied bitterness is great for bitters and pales, but can complement the full-bodied richness of darker beers just as well.


The Pilgrim variety was originally released in 2001, and gained European Plant Variety Rights status in 2006 (PDF). It found quick popularity, as it provides some of the typical woody, spicy, and earthy elements that English hops are prized for, but it also brought some refreshing notes of pear, citrus, and berries, too.

Pilgrim is often compared to Wye Target hops for its bittering potential. However, its high amounts of humelene and selinene means its flavor and aroma is better compared to Wye Challenger with distinct fresh hoppy, slightly grassy flavors.


Hops are sold in 100g vacuum sealed bags with specific batch details printed on label. Larger volumes are generally available with a discount for larger volume packs.



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