Pure Turbo Pack

Pure Turbo Pack

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Everything you need for ultimate alcohol quality

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Pure Turbo Pack


  • Pure Turbo Yeast gives you the ultimate alcohol quality. Only use in cooler air temperatures (18-24°C).
  • Turbo Clear removes over 90% of yeast cells, solids and other compounds during the wash.
  • Turbo Carbon has a unique structure which removes impurities during fermentation.



220g Pure Turbo Yeast (yeast nutrients, bentonite, dried yeast, silicon dioxide, vitamins, trace minerals, antifoaming agent)

130g Turbo Clear (water, silicic acid, acid (malic acid), chitosan (crustacean), preservative (sodium metabisulphite))

130g Turbo Carbon (water, activated carbon, xantham gum, preservative (sodium metabisulphite))



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