Water Flow Regulator Still Spirits

Water Flow Regulator Still Spirits

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Speed up your distillation with great control of your water flow.

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Water Flow Regulator


We’re all familiar with having to try and keep someone from flushing the toilet or turning the dishwasher on while we’re distilling so we can get the best results. Now you don’t have to worry. The Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator will help you to perfectly control your water flow, speeding up your distillation when using your still.

We have designed your own small water supply especially for your still. Connect this device to your tap, let it fill with water, and you have a reservoir of water for your still.

The Water Flow Regulator includes:

  • It’s own built in pump to supply water to your still
  • A float valve to regulate how much water it holds
  • A water flow controller, so that you can set it to the exact flow rate for your needs
  • A cool reservoir to store up to 1 L of water.With this connected to your still, you never have to worry about temperature variation again. High quality and simple to use


Click here to view the instructions online.



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