Bluestone Liquid Yeast – Pilsen – 120 ml

Bluestone Liquid Yeast – Pilsen – 120 ml

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Produce amazing bock, helles, pilsner, dunkles, and just about any other lager style you throw its way.

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Bluestone Liquid Yeast – Pilsen – 120 ml

This strain combines good flocculation characteristics with low sulfur and low diacetyl. Clean fermentations produce amazing bock, helles, pilsner, dunkles, and just about any other lager style you throw its way.

Suggested beer styles: Pilsner, Munich Helles, Munich Dunkel, Festbier, Marzen, Schwarzbier, Helles Bock, Dunkles Bock, Dopplebock, Eisbock

Similar to: BSI-Augustiner, OYL-114, WY2352, IY-L17 Harvest


  • Growth Temp. Range: 10-16ºC
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Attenuation: 70-74%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%
  • Sta1: Negative
  • Size: 120ml
  • Pitch Size: Inoculates 20L, up to 1.060 OG of wort

These Bluestone yeast packs have about twice as much yeast as White Labs or Wyeast packs. Therefore just one pack of Bluestone is usually enough for a 23L batch – no need to pitch multiple packs or make a starter!

Why Bluestone Liquid Yeast:

  1. Pure Culture – Bluestone ensure a pure culture with liquid yeast due to their proprietary propagation technique. Dried yeast, however, invariably has some degree of contamination due to the very nature of the drying process. Therefore, it is not recommended to re-pitch dried yeast.
  2. Greater Flavour Profile Range – Liquid yeast offers a greater flavour profile range compared to traditional dried yeast. Liquid Yeast also produces lower fusel alcohols, lower levels of acetaldehyde (which produce the off flavours) and superior, enhanced Esters (which produce crisper, fruitier notes) compared to dry yeast. The science speaks for itself.
  3. Multiple Generations – Pitch & Re-Pitch – Make your hard-earned $$ go further. With good yeast management, liquid yeast can be re-pitched between 5-10 generations with no noticeable loss of flavour quality or yeast health.


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