Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale Black Rock Tin

Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale Black Rock Tin

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Delivers a delicious Pale Ale flavour

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Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale  Black Rock Tin

Black Rock Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale is created using our master brewer’s favourite pale ale recipe. Special because of the large amounts of ale malt, Caramalt and Roasted specialty malts used to brew it, the beer delivers a delicious Pale Ale flavour and pale brown colour. NZ Green Bullet and Pacific Gem hops are added at the boil to provide a moderate-strong bitterness.

Black Rock Crafted Riwaka Pale AlE is already dry-hopped with Riwaka hops – one of the popular new varieties from New Zealand Hops for the unique citrus aromas it infuses into the beer – which has made it highly demanded by brewers around the world.


Brew with Black Rock Ultra-Light UME, or combine 2 cans of RPA for a more powerful hop aroma and bitterness.


Try brewing this recipe with a specialty US ale yeast like Safale US-05.



74        %         Ale,

13.6     %         Lager,

12        %         Caramalt and

0.4       %         Roasted


Hops, bittering: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem and  dry: Riwaka

ABV, 4.5% (approx. using 1.7kg Black Rock Ultralight UME)



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