FerMonster 6 Gallon PET Fermenter

FerMonster 6 Gallon PET Fermenter

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The worlds biggest wide-mouth carboy.

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FerMonster 6 Gallon PET Fermenter

The world’s biggest wide-mouth carboy.


With its smooth, rib-less sides and 10 cm wide mouth you can fit your hand right in for easy cleaning.


It is easy to fill, which means less spillage and need for additional equipment.


It is easy to measure with 19 L and 23 L markings.


Best of all – it’s built right. You can use this for primary or secondary fermentation. The lid is constructed as one piece, providing a perfect, airtight seal.


NOTE: This is the non-tap version and does not include an airlock. Please do not use water exceeding 52ºC


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